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We want to welcome you to take part in an interactive workshop during the Participatory Design Conference (PDC 2018).

In essence, the interactive workshop consists of a co-creation session in which participants will use their own experiences and compare these with the experiences of other users, both with and without disabilities, to co-create a “hotel room for all”.
That is, starting from their experiences, participants will collectively discuss the needs and opportunities they detect and will try to design UD-solutions together with a diversity of user-experts and other stakeholders.

The field of Universal Design inherently contains a strong participatory component, which PDC-attendees will most likely be familiar with, but as a design paradigm it does have its own distinctive features. So, the primary goal is to increase the awareness and knowledge of Universal Design in general and of the importance and relevance of UD on the issue of accessible tourism in particular, with all participants of the workshop. The secondary goal is to use this workshop as a research method to study and collect data on the actual topic of the workshop, i.e., the design of a UD hotel room.

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